Manufacturer: Parkell

Developed over thousands of hours by Parkell engineers in close collaboration with teams of hygienists, Parkell’s patented DuraTip inserts achieve the previously unthinkable: continuous excellence (consistent peak performance) through an unprecedented 3mm of tip wear (as was validated over a year of field testing). In other words, DuraTip ultrasonic inserts are ideally suited for every stage of patient care, as their continuous like new scaling efficiency translates into lesser pinch pressures, vastly superior performance over time, and lesser chair times than is associated with partially worn conventional tips. Direct restorations with light-cured composite resin.

» Patented Design and Structure: Proprietary internal geometries work synergistically to create DuraTip’s signature consistent performance and unprecedented peak scaling efficiency

» Ergonomic, Anti-Slip Soft Grip with Optimized 12mm Outer Diameter Texturing: for maximum ergonomic support and ease of handling

» Innovative W-stack: Precision-cut nickel alloy stacks are pressed into a novel W-stack configuration, which results in substantially increased handling durability and optimized vibrational energy transfer across the entirety of the insert. This translates into previously unimaginable consistency of scaling power at the tip

Contains: One 30K insert and one Performance Guide

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Mfg#: DURA30-PS
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